CIC Power Hour, an empowering idea-sharing lunch hour break

The idea behind the CIC Power Hour is, indeed, very empowering. Here’s why:

  • It encourages international students to speak up and share their insights as well as their struggles living and studying in a foreign country.
  • It inspires them to follow the well-trodden path of those who have been ahead of them, and avoid the pitfalls of seclusion and loneliness.
  • It enables them to get mentored by industry experts who share their personal experiences and how they worked hard to achieve their leadership positions and succeed in the industry that they have chosen.

Sandra Emslie, careers coach, puts it this way: “At CIC Higher Education, we believe that motivating students and helping them develop skills critical to succeed in the real world will promote a more meaningful learning experience. It will help them beyond just completing their degrees.”

Ms Emslie was one of the speakers at the CIC Power Hour, a 30-minute idea-sharing forum conceptualised by student ambassadors to provide an interactive venue for students, CIC staff and guest speakers to share their insights and inspire international students – who may be feeling the loneliness and isolation of being away from their family and home country – to persevere and continue to achieve their study and career goals.

Held weekly at the college lounge, the CIC Power Hour has completed the following topics and speakers:

  • Passion Never Fails – international student Yennie Le from Vietnam, a Bachelor of Business Management student, about her passion to become an Australian chef, the obstacles that she had to overcome to get there and her eventual return to College to finish her interrupted bachelor’s degree
  • Succeeding in the Supply Chain Industry – guest speaker David Bardos, on his own experiences working in the industry as well as his insights on the key factors to a successful business career in Australia
  • A Talk with George Janev, a Forensic Accountant – guest speaker George Janev, practicing chartered accountant (CA), certified fraud examiner (CFE) and licensed private investigator, on pursuing a degree in Accounting and in asking the questions: what international students want to do in their lifetime, how they plan to do it and why they want to do what they plan to do.
  • Motivation Talk: Preparing for Success – Sandra Emslie, CIC careers coach, on how to prepare for a job after acquiring an internationally-recognised bachelor’s degree
  • A Talk with Thomas Ng on International Business – guest speaker Thomas Ng, senior management executive handling various roles in multinational companies in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand regions, on his experiences in working for globally-focused companies, particularly in the digitisation of business operations and eLearning products.

Upcoming topics in the CIC Power Hour will be announced on the Cambridge International College Facebook page.

Great product, remarkable service

Cambridge International College is good value for money, primarily because of the service that it delivers – highly-qualified teaching staff, all-inclusive engagement culture, affordable tuition fees, caring and friendly support staff and great study environment.

Students – among them the student support volunteers – happily attest to this as they get to learn the skills to shine in the global marketplace.

As an offshoot of this great product and remarkable service, students have been given the opportunity to learn critical skills in a simulated environment where they can also test their own ideas and learn the value of leadership and teamwork. They have been empowered to execute their collaborative efforts and produce an outstanding product – the CIC Power Hour!